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Hallo All,

Hallo All,

Postby 22vek » 16.02.2013, 16:46

Hallo All,

I'm Kevin,my username is 22vek.
I'm from The Netherlands, Apeldoorn.

About TM:
Experienced, not at all.
I registered to learn about everything this site offers people like me.

I recently tried to build my very first RPG, Which was yesterday to be clear.
It wasnt a great succes.
Therefore I am here, to become a better builder, so people enjoy playing my tracks.
Edit: I updated my track, feel free to take a look, do not expect great things ;).
Link: http://tmnforever.tm-exchange.com/main.aspx?action=trackshow&id=5395220#auto

I hope that I can share my thoughts with you all.
Questions, advice, any thing at all, pls tell me, thank you.

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Postby Panasco » 16.02.2013, 16:51

Welcome on board!
If you want to expand your knowledge of RPG, you can start by rummaging in the "tutorial" section! :)
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Postby eie » 16.02.2013, 16:59

Welcome aboard :D
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Postby Mario » 16.02.2013, 18:07

Welcome! :thumbsup:
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Postby beep » 16.02.2013, 19:13

welcome here
have fun on our server 8)
4F clan
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Postby XT3 » 17.02.2013, 02:24

Nice to meet you! If you want to create your own RPg take a look around at other RPG tracks and find your style of tracks.
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Postby Reahx » 17.02.2013, 08:35

Welkom :D
My TMX Account
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Postby Niiel-Moo » 18.02.2013, 17:16

Goei'n dag!
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