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Gasgano says hello after three years

Gasgano says hello after three years

Postby Gasgano » 24.05.2013, 18:27

Hello people,
i know i'm late. ;(
But now that i'm (soon) releasing my first RPG i thought it would be time to show up aswell.
I guess not many people know me, that because of my inactivity in the last 1-2 years. Recently i started driving again, and also finishing my RPG map i started before my break.
I'm not sure how much time i have now, and if yes, i am not sure if i want to spend it in RPG, so the chance to see me on servers or anything in the next weeks are almost zero, but i always try to come back.

I'm now in iGn, but not for the RPG-team, but in the tech-section. Before my break i was part of the famous GSA-rpg-team, but one of the lesser skilled members of it.

Anyways, i'm happy to be "in the scene" again and i will definately try to set some marks here and there.
Have fun (and check my map :P )
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Postby eie » 24.05.2013, 18:49

Welcome aboard, enjoy your stay =)
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Postby Promaxer » 24.05.2013, 19:06

Welcome back ;)
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Postby Panasco » 25.05.2013, 07:29

Welcome, again ^^
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Postby Cas... » 25.05.2013, 11:14

Welcome Gasgano,

We've already seen each other on tmx ^^
Have fun driving and building ;)
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