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Hi all!

Hi all!

Postby Golo » 06.08.2013, 23:50

I never made a thread like this, so although you might have heard my name, heres my official introduction thread :D
im golo and I have a ghostlike appearance. I usually spend my days dreaming and thinking about things that might have been or will be. You wont meet me online. You wont meet me anywhere because Im rather inactive. But youll never meet me online, I was maybe 10 times on a server in a few years, probably because I feel the athmosphere better in single player. I just find it enjoyable to play through really really long tracks with others online.
I have done RPGs and Iright now feel like its too much effort needed what prevents me to make sth new. Also the whole community became quite inactive a long time ago actually, so that theres not much inspiring stuff.
Well, Ill still look over here at least sometimes, hope there will be some more new nice members and I hope that some of the older ones keep being active.
Stay awesome folks!
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Postby eie » 07.08.2013, 09:32

Soll ich wilkommen sagen, oder was? du bist doch hier so lange gewesen :P

Welcome aboard!
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Postby N00BYZOR » 07.08.2013, 10:08

lol I was on my daily check of this board and saw a new member topic "Hi all !" by... Golo ? wtf ? ^^
Nice idea ^^
I must be pretty lucky since I met you online about 2 or 3 times ^^
Indeed for the atmosphere single player mode is the best :)

Then, welcome aboard (even if you were here before me ^^), and keep making awesome maps mate :thumbup:
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Postby gugaruz » 07.08.2013, 10:24

hi, golo :)
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Postby Golo » 07.08.2013, 20:26

thanks for your awnsers :D
+nice german eie, even grammar is perfect 8o
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