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ClassicSonicTH's Introduction

ClassicSonicTH's Introduction

Postby ClassicSonicTH » 25.08.2013, 01:44

Hi guys. I'm ClassicSonicTH, a.k.a., -ClassicSonicTH- on TMUF. I use the Sonic and Tails skin by KuroBit, and obviously, I'm a fan from the Sonic fanbase. My hobbies involves playing games, drawing, and creating tracks on TMUF. I'm planning to buy Trackmania 2 : Stadium, but I need permission for that first. I will notify you guys when I get it, so IF you want to play with me, I can give you guys my username. I usually play STH games, Mario games, Megaman games (Only Megaman X.), and M.U.G.E.N. I hope you guys can respect who I am, as I will respect who you are as well.
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Postby gugaruz » 25.08.2013, 05:08

hello classicsonic,
in tm2 stadium one of the rpg server is often full, so you are not playing alone there :)
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Postby XdaC » 26.08.2013, 11:47

Very welcome ClassicSonicTH, have a good time here :)
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Postby N00BYZOR » 26.08.2013, 15:02

Welcome to RPG community :)
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