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Spyker Sr

Spyker Sr

Postby Spyker Sr » 11.11.2013, 04:25

Hi Crazy RPG Fans, ;)

History TM: :growup:
- Started with TM Nations > TM-UNited (Coast mainly) > TM2 (Canyon, Valley, Stadium, Storm).
- 1st was Stadium F1 driver at Real F1 Racing (RFR) server, with is back btw on TM2 Stadium.
- Begin with building Coast maps & Mixed Environment. Liked to use TmUnlimiter.

When TM2 came moved to Canyon. Been building there too. Mainly Long Tracks and some RPG/Trial. :thumbup:

Xcaliber gave me the info about RPG-project/server TM2. Thats why I found this site/community. :dance:

Nice to see some familiar names here, 8)

So high to Carlos, XT3, Olda, Steffeen (Obstacle map?!?), Xcaliber.

Think 1st need to get more feeling for Stadium RPG, then I will start building there too.

So hopefully I can surprise u with my BrainWaves on a map. :crazy:
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Spyker Sr
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Postby Shortz » 11.11.2013, 08:21

welcome here :)

enjoy your stay.
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Postby occam » 11.11.2013, 09:15

Welcome ! ^^
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Postby eie » 11.11.2013, 13:54

Welcome aboard
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Postby XT3 » 11.11.2013, 15:26

Welcome my Friend! Glad to see you here I got Valley and Stadium 2 hope to see you around!
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Postby malun22 » 11.11.2013, 18:43

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Postby Jurek » 12.11.2013, 11:53

Welcome !
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Postby Tabasco » 13.11.2013, 18:15

Welcome and have al lot of fun
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