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TKO. (Team Chaos) Presentation

TKO. (Team Chaos) Presentation

Postby Geekthenet » 03.05.2014, 13:44


We are TKO. A french speaking team with members from France and Belgium. :D
Our tag comes from the fact our teamname "Team Chaos" is pronounced Team KO in french.

We exist for more than 5 years now with 15-20 members. We have our own forum : http://teamchaos-nadeo.fr/ where you can ask for competitions and talk with us or come and drink something.

We also have a Youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/TeamChaosNadeo
With our team video for example. :

Our RPG server is open during the day most of the week. tmtp:///#addfavourite=tkoserver_rpgunite­d

We plan on making competitions.
Most of our members like Trackmania 1 more then Trackmania 2 but we are playing on the 2 of those.

If you wanna join don't hesitate to go to our forum. Or come and play with us on our RPG server!

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the team video! :mrgreen:
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