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New To Trackmania

New To Trackmania

Postby mobgamegraph » 29.06.2016, 06:59

Hello, i will introduce my self. My name is alex, i am newly registered to this forum. Basically i dont know about trackmanua yet. But i am still exploring in this community to get more ideas and knowledge about this fantastic forum.
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Re: New To Trackmania

Postby popgun » 02.07.2016, 22:35

Welcome to the forum!

It's all a bit quiet here at the moment because everyone is building for the iGn 2016 RPG Competition Cup. At least I hope they are! Keep your eye on the RPG servers over the next few weeks. Join the servers and say Hi. Then you'll get to know some of the regulars. Mostly though have fun.

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Re: New To Trackmania

Postby Nunquam » 03.07.2016, 00:11

It's a bot mate...
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Re: New To Trackmania

Postby paxiuz » 03.07.2016, 09:04

dont think its a bot, but yea he's just here to his thing.
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