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Veryshort with RPG TP

Veryshort with RPG TP

Postby fuzzy94 » 24.12.2013, 05:20

Hello, I only registered to this forum couple days ago, and I am not sure if I am writing this thread on right place. (If not, let me know or you can move it forcibly.)

I noticed HawkGer just released another mod: Arena v1
I don't know how so fast :o

Anyway, as soon as I saw the mod, it really gave me a feeling it would be a good fit for tech track.
So I made three veryshort tracks using RPG TP with Arena mod.
I hope you enjoy these, and I also hope that making tech tracks with good use of custom blocks will attract more people from not just RPG, but also tech genre.

I couldn't attach the tracks because it said they are too large. I put the mx link instead.

[RPG-TP] Neo Tech #01


[RPG-TP] Neo Tech #02


[RPG-TP] Neo Tech #03

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Postby HawkGer » 24.12.2013, 10:24

Very short is kinda the opposite of RPG, so these track presentations don't really belong anywhere in this forum. I put it into Offtopic now.
I noticed HawkGer just released another mod: Arena v1
I don't know how so fast :o

Yes, I made this mod in a day or two...no biggie :D
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Postby XdaC » 28.12.2013, 13:54

I like your idea because i like LoL's and VeryShorts as much as RPGs, so i will try your tracks.
But this forum is clearly not the right one for those tracks ;)
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