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Pro Mod HD

Pro Mod HD

Postby A-100-N » 31.07.2015, 16:34

Hello all
(A-100-n / vito74m)

After the great work I managed to finish the modifications for the game TMC2 !!!
The modification changes the visual environment playing with the "Canyon" of the more (green) "Central European climates"
All textures are in the 2k and 4k !!!
The revised 99% of the textures (diffusemap / normalmap / specularmap) !!!
Bitumen from now glistens in the sunlight as in the real world, the lines on asphalt too, but more :)
Completely changed several plants for a much better texture.
And all this properly balanced to make the game look better !!!
LINK - LINK TO NEW WERSION 1v1 --- https://www.dropbox.com/s/fu9kvuq5vjmnx ... k.Gbx?dl=0
LOCATOR --- https://www.dropbox.com/s/pl3kzyy05hppb ... x.loc?dl=0
Have fun greet the the A-100-N / vito74m
Pro Mod HD (after installation and activation) can be seen in action on my server "NEWera"
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