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Share your best replays that you´ve ever made

PostPosted: 28.01.2011, 19:13
by juliano6010
I creat this thread to put our best replays. Replays on [RPG] which you consider "perfects" or very, very difficult to beat and show to the other members your skills. Here my replays:

[RPG] DayLight

[mini RPG] rampen`s special



[b][mini-RPG]the Lego run


[b][RPG] in the jungle

[RPG] Puzzle mod

[b][RPG] gangster city

[RPG] find the way

[b]Jungle RPG

[Mini-RPG] Date

[b][Full-RPG] Plus

PostPosted: 30.01.2011, 00:17
by Housekeepr
Just link all Realized2's WR runs from TMX here, and u have 3 page's full ^^