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TM² Pixel Sport RPG Server?

PostPosted: 28.08.2011, 15:59
by Tabasco
What do you thing about TM

PostPosted: 28.08.2011, 16:26
I vote no, because
I don't really like the RPG track on canyon, but in other new environnement, why not

PostPosted: 30.08.2011, 11:26
by Galli
Let's wait and see, what other environments offer to us. For RPG and some challanging you need something like stadium 8)

PostPosted: 30.08.2011, 12:39
by HawkGer
Well, currently it doesn't make much sense to open another RPG server...when there are only 2 or 3 RPG tracks in existence. And I don't know of any builders that are currently working on a Canyon RPG( except Fish probably). Kryw has abandoned RPG btw. So it can take some time till there is demand for another RPG server....

PostPosted: 30.08.2011, 15:38
by Tabasco
Yes, we wait for the future and maps for that.

Now wo dont need a server with 2 maps.

But we play RPG and have PixelSport.

That is why i make this poll.

We dont forget it ^^