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More than one Mod in a Track

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More than one Mod in a Track

Postby Icarus » 24.11.2010, 22:10

Hi there,

my Question is very simple, but maybe there's no solution for it or it's even not possible to do.
I've decided to build another Track, and the first thing i thought about was, if I could use more than one Mod in the Track.
For example: I use the Mod "Tron" for inside parts of the Track, and the Mod "Pirate Bay" for outside parts of the Track.
Any possibility to do that ? xD
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Postby HawkGer » 24.11.2010, 22:20

No that's not possible, you can only use one mod in a track. It's a feature many of us RPG players have been dreaming about so you are definitely not the first ;) The only thing you can do is to texture the mod so intellegently that you can create more than one atmosphere with it. For example there are many different ground textures. But wall textures there are not that many which is why it is so difficult. Of course MT is another solution. Tron is the best example probably, the atmosphere of the track changes drastically within the track. But ofc everyone knows that ^^
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