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Invisible track

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Invisible track

Postby BiggBoss » 31.03.2011, 23:45

Hi there

Sometimes is ee rpg's that if you ride, you will ride in the air just above some boosters.
How can you maken an invisible track abouve some boosters?????

i already made a track of some boosters, i only dont know how to make an invisible track above it.
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Postby dose » 01.04.2011, 03:32

You need an external software like "Trackstudio" to make this BLOCKMIX fx ;)

tuto I just did here : [video]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcvb3xCz45E[/video]

ITs simple ;In trackmania editor, you add 1 Block on top of it (i always choose StadiumPillar*easy to find in the external editor if its not your last block placed.) You save it.
Then you open "trackstudio"; there's a nice option that let you change the block to an other block shape from the stadium package inside the game.
So you choose "water/block" from the list and save it in trackstudio.
Back in the trackmania editor,the old pillar block is now turn to a water block.

You may not know but water/block are the bottom of the stadium pool ;) when put in the air it come's transparent block (water is not colored in the game (the fabrics from the white domes does the color of the water !)

Hope it helps !!

Got nice tutos everywhere :
Hawk hade made one last year:
Fabio too (but missing pics) :

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Postby BiggBoss » 01.04.2011, 12:20

I'm using ChallengeEdit to blockmix, can i do it with that program?

Edit: if done it :D this is great :D thnx alot, but still the question is on the table, can i also do this with challengeedit ?
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Postby trunks_11 » 01.04.2011, 13:39

Well, you can use challengeEdit too... Trackstudio is challenge edit only with screen. Just change the file to water and you got it.
The other way is:

Build some water part on the ground and put them in the air, then you will have invisible under the water...
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Postby BiggBoss » 01.04.2011, 13:48

Thnx :D i did it with trackstudio but i will try it also with challengeedit :D thnx for the quick response
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