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Postby discombobulated » 05.11.2011, 04:32

I made my map using unlimiter but its now crashing in normal trackmania :(

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Postby nom² » 05.11.2011, 11:16

you may have put a part of a block above z=32
or if you use any other blockmixing program you may have put a block to z=0
or x>32 or y>32 :D
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Postby dose » 05.11.2011, 11:24

Ok, it may not be lost ^^
if by any chance you can open it (without any changes) with Trackmania ;
save it on an other name (without special charaters) . then re-open it in Unlimiter.

If with a Big luck and you can open it; go in your mt work and get rid of all ghosts that use a custom skin.
unlimiter don't like skins and mod sometime.
then save it ;)

We hade this kind of problem before but with CE and TS, so have a look in those threads, it may help.

But NOM may be right ^^ its maybe easier to try to modify in unlimiter your blocs before this

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Postby nom² » 05.11.2011, 12:13

i recommend using trackstudio to fix it
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Postby discombobulated » 05.11.2011, 20:25

Downloaded that program but couldn't get to to work,probably me.

I saved another copy and cleared the map except for about 30 or so blocks which if i try to delete the program crashes

The map will also still crash straight after loading if i open it in the normal track mania program instead of challenge edit with only them 30 or so blocks left

I also have noticed that if i click on the paint pot icon, a large transparent blue box appears around the blocks i cant delete .

Really pissed as i put a lot of time and effort into this map. as i wanted my first too be very good and i thought i had achieved just that.

BTW thank you everyone for your help
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Postby Niiel-Moo » 06.11.2011, 10:06

Maybe move the blocks to a normal point with CE?
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Postby trunks_11 » 06.11.2011, 12:01

well, we already had the same problem with tm unlimiter and the only solution was, to search for a backup in the "My Challenges" section, and then take the BAK1 file and use it anyhow... but that's hard if you don't have any experience with that... At least you should ever take a backup, that means save your track 2 times and test the 2nd version if you can open it with an unlimiter free tm or if you can open it with ce, when you can't open a track with CE, then you can't even open it with TS and neither ingame... When you put a block over Z=32 then tm won't crash, you just won't see the block ingame but in unlimiter... so next time better take a backup.. so i think there's no way to get it back...
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Postby popgun » 06.11.2011, 23:29

I get this a a lot, and its nearly always to do with me placing blocks on water in unlimiter. Remove any you have and place them with CE instead. Works for me.
Loads of mods, loads of tracks. Look em up. :)
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