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Challenge edit trouble

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Challenge edit trouble

Postby kill-evil » 12.05.2012, 08:03

I am building a track, and when I want to open it with challenge edit, this message appears


Somebody can help me to solve this trouble ?
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Postby XT3 » 12.05.2012, 22:45

well it could be that the file is not there in that location
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Maybe I can help

Postby __Tornado__ » 13.05.2012, 15:41

I cant be sure, but I think you are not seeing carefully in your computer. At least, It have to be a bak file in Challenge Edit, rename it to the correct name and you cant, at least, lose all your work.
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Postby dose » 13.05.2012, 18:15

if you have use "skin" car in the MT work (for GPS for example) you have to
get rid of the skins until you finish modification in Challenge edit.
(challenge edit dosent reconize the skin and bug ;) )

if you have named your track with these sign $001$o$fff$w ,
you have to rename it to just letters.

example: $0$wfrozen race, should be just frozen race

retry and good luck

always make double backup ;)
trick: zip all your tracks in same folder, then if bug or trouble appear , you got backup not so old ;)

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Postby kill-evil » 14.05.2012, 15:55

ok thanks dose for your precious help :)
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