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[Coop build] The Crystals Of Orinoco

Group together to work on the same project and get help with unfinished creations

[Coop build] The Crystals Of Orinoco

Postby JuliusOctopus » 23.08.2016, 13:48

The Crystals Of Orinoco

COOP Build

Hi RPG players !
Today i'm proud to present to you a new ccop build for Trackmania Stadium RPG TitlePack : The Crystals Of Orinoco.

The Story

Ages ago, explorer were trying to find the City of Orinoco. Legends say that the city is powered with a huge amount of energy. And some people were saying that Crystals was powering it.
When it got discover, every explorer were trying to put the power back to this city. But people say that they never came back after entering the Temple.
You ( the driver ) will try to put the power back to this city. 6 Crystals are needed. Will you find them all ?

Building Part

You have to be a RPG builder if you want to be part of it.
Has the story say, we need to power 6 Crystals, so 6 ways, so 6 builder ( including me ). This project could be one of the most beautiful and creative RPG track. But i need your help. This project has been create to show what people can do when they work together.

Builder needed : ( look the image below if you want to see witch way you want to build )
Crystals of.....

Nature : (empty)
Water : (empty)
Air : (empty)
Fire : (empty)
Light : (empty)
Physics : (empty)

I will take the last choice, so you guys can choose.

Well here is the project. Hope you guys will be part of it and the map creative and beautiful.

Screenshot :

First Room


Nature Crystal


Water Crystal


Air Crystal


Fire Crystal


Light Crystal


Physics Crystal


PS : If you think the First room could be better, PM me and we talk about it ;)
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Re: [Coop build] The Crystals Of Orinoco

Postby pierrepok » 29.08.2016, 10:11

i'm already building something on the titlepack at the moment but maybe after if i have the time :wink:
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