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RPG Titan

Postby kaze. » 18.05.2013, 15:22

so this is my first post on this site :D .

i'm trying to find some (or even just one) beta tester(s) for my RPG.

perhaps some backstory about this track.

i started building an RPG about a year ago. at about 5 min i quitted for a month or 2 and when i came back to it i realized i absolutly hated it... :P . so i started again. the next one was at about 6 minutes i think when i putted it on the beta-area on tmx. both golo and holzbalken commented on it. to sum their comments up: it has a rather nice route but i don't get the feeling of driving in an abandond city. so like they say 3rd time is the charm i again restarted it :D .

now i'm at 7 minutes and i would want to know what you people think about it.

everything you need to know about the track is on the track comment.

Track Info - TMX

i'll be really glad if someone were to help me :D
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Postby Cas... » 20.05.2013, 12:05

Already checked it out on beta forum and posted there ;)

I'll watch your replay later to see where I went wrong.
About the flowy thing,
I also understand your opinion, in fact I do like some of the not so flowy ones, but there is a thin line between not flowy and just annoying :D and for me that little gap at start is annoying 'cause i always catch my wheels on the black thing or get front wheels stuck underneath the gap, can't you test it with the hole rotated? I believe it's placed like this '----',try placing it like this '|'.

I like the rest of the track, hope to see some of the scenery getting worked on a bit more like you said in description ;)

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Postby kaze. » 22.05.2013, 12:20

i'm thinking you missed some of the CP's snellejasper was talking about.

about the start the block already is placed like this | so that can't be changed. i'll try to find something but imo it's not that annoying and since it's the start it's not really a bottleneck so i don't really mind it.

and yes i will work on the scenery a bit more :D
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RPG Titan

Postby Robertml » 07.08.2016, 11:32

Wow this is one of the best demos ive seen imo. How did he get the shadows like that did he actually use shaders or did he use some tricks?
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