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First RPG track, decent so far?

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First RPG track, decent so far?

Postby FillInTheBlank » 26.12.2013, 05:08

MX Link

I'm not good with words so just any feedback you have on how it feels so far that you have would be appreciated.
I uploaded a replay if you just want to watch me go through it instead of run it yourself.

RPG titlepack required.
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Postby koke » 26.12.2013, 16:45

First of all, nice that you started to build RPG tracks, its always nice to have new mappers. Regarding to the track, there are some things to say:
-The track is too dark when you are indoors. You have to put some lights or turn on headlights for those who have them in the car. I was driving in complete darkness and i didnt like that.
-Some of the cps can be really annoying (i had to give up in the cp before the rings and watch the replay to see the rest of the map). We have trial for long and annoying cps :). RPG is not about building hard tracks with "impossible" tricks, you have to keep the flow in mind.
-I noticed that you abuse of pipes. Almost half of the track are pipes of any kind. And long pipes. You should use them as less as possible (they can be really annoying). Also the last cp is just luck. You can do it in 1 min or 100.

As i said before, RPG?hard track, so try to build your tracks with easier paths, and good flow. You have a lot of great tracks to get inspiration.

Dont take this as destructive criticism, is just my opinion, and i think it will make you build better tracks in the future :)

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Postby Golo » 26.12.2013, 21:48

I certainly agree with most points koke mentioned, still, I want to say that an RPG track can be a hard track
and still great.
Your track however feels indeed rather like a trial and I guess therefore its a bit too much based on luck. (Although I think there are some "luck-trials" but dunno if you wanted to build sth like that :P )
Another thing you could work on is layout and scenery - some parts have a cool athmosphere but I think there is still much more potential with the title pack to create a more fitting scenery.
However, theres some interresting stuff in your map, so id appreciate to see more maps from you if you improve the issues mentioned.

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Postby koke » 27.12.2013, 15:44

Golo wrote:I want to say that an RPG track can be a hard track

Of course an RPG track can be hard, but what i meant is that this track is more trialish, and thats not RPG.
I also agree with you that he should put more effort on layout and scenery. Possibilities are almost infinite with this title pack :)
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