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Long Forgotten

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Long Forgotten

Postby Crunch00 » 21.08.2014, 17:46

Hey guys,

I already told you that I'm working on a little RPG project for my comeback. I will give you information/screenshots and more stuff about the map, time by time. If you are interested in the map, you can stay tuned by looking in the thread betweenwhiles. 8)

:idea: Concept / Idea behind the map:
My main idea behind this map is, to not create a "standard" map, where you just have to "drive to the finish". My idea is, to include some specials, some eastereggs and stuff for those players, who want to explore the map. So yeah, that's basically the idea for this map. :wink:

:arrow: Changelog / Progress:
21.08.2014 - The building is still in progress. It will take some time, but I'll work as fast as possible. I've got about 7-8 hours of work for building at the moment. In addition to that, I spent some time to work out the concept and to write down some ideas and stuff.

More stuff will be added here, I'll post some screenshots here for sure, as well. I don't have any idea of a release date yet, but I'll inform you guys asap. So, stay tuned and have fun driving in the meantime. 8)

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