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beta nameless track

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beta nameless track

Postby oloG » 11.05.2015, 19:22

My beta track is now available:
Download it here if you think your computer can make it :wink:

http://www.file-upload.net/download-106 ... p.Gbx.html

If you have too much trouble with lag you might want to wait a bit till I deleted some scenery nad hopefully it will be better for you.

I even made some screens :o

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Re: beta nameless track

Postby gugaruz » 11.05.2015, 22:04

wow, this map reminds to dimension, with driving in the air the whole map makes it like a big dream

i will upload my replay too

now a question: how do you want to improve the next map! this is the current peak in the rpg-tp for me
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Re: beta nameless track

Postby zipperke » 11.05.2015, 23:18

lol what game is this :lol:
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Re: beta nameless track

Postby kaze. » 12.05.2015, 00:51

wow. just wow. simply amazing. like guga said. how are you gonna surpass this. no, how is anyone gonna surpass this.

on a side note i was driving at an average rate of 15 FPS. and i need to stop typing now because my laptop feels like the surface of the sun.

thank you golo.
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Re: beta nameless track

Postby kilburn88 » 12.05.2015, 16:49

Really epic map you created there, i just love the new elements you used and also the smoothness.

We could use this on saturday for beta night to give some feedback e.g. clem already found some cuts.
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Re: beta nameless track

Postby oloG » 13.05.2015, 23:10

Still think that mapsize is too big for servers,
a replay with cuts would be helpful anyway.
I want to do a version with less scenery for online play but right now I wont have time to do it.
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Re: beta nameless track

Postby wtcfred » 14.05.2015, 18:42

Masterpiece !
It's like driving inside Dali's brain :O
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Re: beta nameless track

Postby popgun » 14.05.2015, 22:52


You should be a landscape designer for the rich and famous, if not, you should be designing worlds for proper games companies. Whether you know it or not, you're an artist mate. This is professional level stuff here and the best use of the title pack and mod I've seen yet. And I haven't even driven the damn track yet, I just wandered around it for a long while in Cam 7, eyes wide and jaw dropped. The landscape is excellent, seriously. :shock:

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Re: beta nameless track

Postby Jurek » 15.05.2015, 07:23

Incredible map, beautiful scenery. I'm impressed. For one hour, I felt like a fairy tale (so much time going 1 time).
Great map, ideas goes forward a few years.
It is a pity that people will not be able to ride her.
For me, sometimes transport speed dropped to 15fps, but overall it was ok. Unfortunately, slower hardware this map will be unplayable. This is the only downside.
I never gave points on the maps, but here you can not give different than 10/10 points.
Congratulations Golo!
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Re: beta nameless track

Postby Chocolleight » 15.05.2015, 09:40

No word to describe this map except that it is coming from a new world.
Very, Very good work.

It is lagging a bit cause the huge amont of lights but i think it is totaly worth considering the size of the map.
It is still raceble for me...

Thank you for this original work.
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