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[Beta] [RPG] The Cave

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[Beta] [RPG] The Cave

Postby XT3 » 11.05.2016, 16:13

Why Hello world. I am back. Sort of. This is betatrack of sorts. [RPG] The Cave I wanted to share this and get some opinions on it. ;) I was trying to make a RPG track using my Ghost's Lantern Mod for TM2 but I keep making the track too heavy and it dropped in frames. But I fixed that issue with AGP at 100%. But that's a story for another day. :P

Now the track is pretty straight forwards, your in a cave and cannot see very far as the black fog cuts your sight short. There is also a few Bottomless pits. So when building the track I wanted to make it diverse but as I made it was a bit bland but I was able to mix it up at a few places. I wanted to experiment with this map and make as many different kinds of cave based environments with a few areas inspired by Egnegmas and Donkey Kong County Cave levels.

Now i also added some MT to make Bottomless pits, and One i know how to break its atmosphere but i'll find out someway to fix that. Another thing is I added required Black Fog to limit your depth and make it feel like your in a cave and can nearly see. Luckily the track is pretty straight forwards and the tricks are simple. :D

Before I forget, I am still trying to get my Mod to autodownload but I am not having the best of luck. :cry: I'll see if i can make it work though.

Anyways I wanted to make it so that you cannot see the sky till the end but I know I missed a few spots. If you see any let me know.


The Music i used was not free to get. But I went with Parralax By Direct. Now I am trying to make it so it'll auto download without having to give everyone the OGG file since you'd have to pay for it. But, for the time being. You can listen to what i picked till i can find something else that fits either better or just as good.
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