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Time Bomb UPDATED (4/5/2012)

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Time Bomb UPDATED (4/5/2012)

Postby XT3 » 27.03.2012, 00:06

UPDATE 2: Ok i created my own mod just for the track also i trashed to old map and started a new one.I will post pics of it later. Mostlikey after my week in Mexico. SO umm. I will update you guys most likely then.

UPDATE1: teaser picture

I am going to leave you all with a text based teaser no vid or pictures. Sorry. But my new RPG that i started is called TIme Bomb. This track is a speedTech RPG. SPEEDTECH! 8| purely based on speed It will be a oneshot based RPG, only one respanable CP. All else will be cp rings. With all that said. I will leave you all to diss me all you want. Just tell me if it sounds wrong. But i will finish it. :P
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Postby __Tornado__ » 27.03.2012, 12:56

Good idea but I think is only for very good drivers.
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Postby N00BYZOR » 27.03.2012, 14:51

I had the same idea, and I built this track. But it's not speedtech based.
But well, it's a particular map style, lot of players don't like it.
I think I will make a normal version of this track one day ^^
However if you build it well it could be fun imo :)

Good luck ;)
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Postby XT3 » 27.03.2012, 18:41

Thanks, i will make a screenshot and upload it. I find it easy, for someone who takes over a hour for a track that would take a pro 10 minutes. Anyone should be able torace it.
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