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Nos Astra

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Nos Astra

Postby Golo » 20.02.2014, 18:25

Nobody is posting their tracks here anymore ?(
Well I think most of you here have seen my map already but anyway here it is:


Length: 10:54:xx is authortime
First run probably 2 hours or longer

pathfinding: medium - high level
dificulty: medium

uses the Mass Effect mod by Hawk

You can see this track in the video by chuckie,
its the last map with marios lovely run:

MX Best of the Week - February 18, 2014 - YouTube

Here some screens by Hawk_Ger :




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Postby Xerox » 20.02.2014, 20:03

I saw "MX Best of the Week" and it just looks so awesome. I need to play that but.. I lag so much at TM2 :(
Surely best map so far of RPG Titlepack, well done !
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Postby Golo » 20.02.2014, 20:28

For me as well on high settings :(
Low settings are ok for me but probably you tried that.
Thx anyway ;)
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Postby Clith » 22.02.2014, 10:15

My pc sucks so i play tm2 on low anyway, but t still looks beautiful
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Postby gugaruz » 22.02.2014, 13:57

I played this one some days ago :P

You can read my award, I told there my opinion of Nos Astra

I am sorry that i drove this one not on the release date, I always download the new maps and then i drive it chronological. at that moment 2 other cup maps were released before and it took me some time to drive them and now i already got this rpg too :)

21k mp is much and you can see it, the detailed building everywhere

For everyone, who likes rpg, give it a try :)
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Postby popgun » 22.02.2014, 22:05

and being a very complex and brilliantly detailed track, it's really cool for testing mods on, as Golo hasn't put a password on it.

If you're modding, THIS is the test track for your mods.

Thanks Golo.

Loads of mods, loads of tracks. Look em up. :)
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Re: Nos Astra

Postby AlexUSA » 29.10.2014, 23:55

Just wanna say, this is one of the best maps I've seen! Lots of creative bits, and it looks absolutely spectacular. Those first two screens speak volumes!
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