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[FPS/RPG] Doom

Present your finished tracks in here

[FPS/RPG] Doom

Postby zipperke » 11.05.2015, 23:45

Hello Guys

Here's doom

It will be a series of short tracks that you can describe as Puzzle/adventure/rpg/in first person shooter mode
with animated textures
everything is sparking with electricity, the driving blocks have a glowing neon texture
The stadium is gone bye bye
but you'll now it's around somewhere ^^
the mood:
going from day to night
the grass
can cause a flat tire or 4
the dirt
it's alive
easy at first in the first level but getting harder along the way with more and difficult puzzles
more levels will be added, and will even contain boss levels.
Lenght: all between 1min and 5 minutes in a good run
it's hilarious and not be taken to serious
music and sound fx:
alot of duke nukem quotes, epic full orchestral music, fitting soundfx for shit that's happening like trains passing, shots fired, explosions, monsters and much much more.
are being used like you're watching a SF movie,
animations have transparancy so stuff like this add to the realism and humour of the track

I hope you give it a shot
get it here
the files are downloadable here
https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1zdq ... authuser=0

it's with the mod included, so you can take a look at the files if you are curious...
But don't use them in your own mod without giving credits :P
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