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Green H Zone

PostPosted: 18.01.2013, 10:05
by rebornK
This one is Ofcourse Inspired by Sonic, the most Easiest one I've made so far, Fewer Flaws than My other Creations. I only use 2 Images, One for Ground and Dirt, other for Grass and Road. 4 if you Include the Pillar Poster and Sega Symbol Grass. the flaws you'll see is a Sign of me getting Tired Near the end (refused to start Image over lol)




Download link

Sonic - Download - 4shared - Kevin Fisher


PostPosted: 18.01.2013, 19:22
Cool one :)

PostPosted: 19.01.2013, 14:11
by dose
have a look in the vinummusik list before doing a mod ;) i already did SONIC GENERATION ;:

your mod looks perfect tho ;))

MY Sonic mod:

I will try yours now ;)