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Unbrella Mod

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Unbrella Mod

Postby popgun » 30.08.2013, 19:16

Umbrella Mod


Here's the Umbrella Mod. This is based on the Umbrella Corporation in the film 'Resident Evil-AfterLife'.
I made it for Housekeepr who can't play TM anymore.

The mod is full of textures from the film, has a little MipMap work in it and contains a greyed industrial/futuristic texture set.

With this mod I created a set of 29 additional images to be used on signboards. These include direction sign, Deck Level signs, Industrial doorways (for those who like to restrict progress, and a bunch of other stuff. There is enough stuff here to make a decent story track.

Get the image pack here.





Loads of mods, loads of tracks. Look em up. :)
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