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Norseman Mod

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Norseman Mod

Postby heavyfoot » 26.11.2013, 21:43


First I need to thank Popgun and Hawkger for their help and availability. Their expertise was greatly appreciated as I went thru the creating process of this tribute mod. This Mod is a tribute to the Vikings, circa 900AD. Included in the zip folder are Signs and Runes folders. Many pictures that can be used with signs to add environment and I tried to use accurate images and historically relevant material. The Elder Futhark Runes are also included, along with many rune stones. There is also a easter egg within the mod. No cheating looking at the texture files. Find it in game. Here are a couple images of the mod. Hope you enjoy. here is link to mod http://www.vinummusik.de/Trackmania/Norseman.zip


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Postby XdaC » 26.11.2013, 22:48

Looks great!
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Postby HawkGer » 27.11.2013, 15:25

well done heavyfoot :thumbsup:
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Postby XT3 » 27.11.2013, 16:46

very cool!
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Postby heavyfoot » 28.11.2013, 20:43

Thanks for the positive feedback :)
Hope those who chose to use this mod enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed the works of others.

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