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Unreal II (the Awakening) mod

PostPosted: 13.04.2011, 21:00
by dose
Hi everyone, This week Im proud to present a big mod ;)
This mod will give you the feeling of "UNREAL II - The awakening" !!!
Since I've just discover this game, i felt in love with the textures.
Luckely I could extract them ;)

So here's your mod "UNREAL II" in screenshots ...
link here


PostPosted: 14.04.2011, 00:50
by dose
ok, from now on, when I do a MOD, i'll try to have a soundtrack ready with it.
Most of the time my mods ideals come's from other Games or movies , so why not extract the music also ?!!! ;)

So to start this with Unreal II; I did extract sounds,speech and music and make the music loopable for You to use in your rpg's.
So as I said I have "all" audio from the game "unreal II :the awakening" !
I will start by giving you all the best soundtracks that I found in UT.
PS: IM an musicien so if you want I can even make you a custom soundtrack ;)

Audio #1
Audio #2
Audio #3
Audio #4
Audio #5
Audio #6
Audio #7
Audio #8
INSTALL IN C:\Users\Yourname\Documents\TrackMania\ChallengeMusics

Just a little addon for your trackmania ingame Music.I have created a remix of the original song from Trackmania !!
Trackmania United - Stadium - Pulp
here's the .Ogg of my remix : Trackmania Stadium Pulp REMIX by Dose

INSTALL IN C:\Program Files\TmUnitedForever\GameData\Skins\Stadium\Music\Race
WARNING :monster: Dont forget to make a back up !

PostPosted: 14.04.2011, 10:00
by Housekeepr
Awesome work!

Ut2 Awakening was much fun to play

Unreal Tournament 2004 ftw :thumbsup:

So whats next? Command & Conquer? ^^

PostPosted: 14.04.2011, 14:26
by trunks_11
You could be the mod maker of the year 2011 : )

No, his next mod will be a 3d vision mod in avatar style ^^

PostPosted: 15.04.2011, 13:52
by Promaxer
Great work dose!
Love this one ;)

PostPosted: 15.04.2011, 15:12
by dose
Ok, since a long time now I wanted to do a AVATAR mod !!!the only problem "extracting" the textures.
I have check everywhere to try to find texture pack or an extractor for this game , but in vain ;(

So If someone knows a software or find a link to the textures PLEASE PM ME ;)
Im downloading the game now and will try to chck in the files to see if its already there, if not, i will try to extract them.So for that part I need if someone knows or find the way, please tell me ;)

Thanks, as you see ; if I can extract them , the mod will come ;)

PostPosted: 16.04.2011, 08:17
by HawkGer
Well there is no such thing as THE ONE texture extracting software. I know that TexMod works independently of the packaging for some games
If that doesn't work I guess you have to find some specialized software for the packages in which the textures are....

PostPosted: 14.07.2012, 19:00
by Golo
Just wanted to say thanks for this great mod, Im currently using it