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Mod Presentation Tips

Present your selfmade mods in here

Mod Presentation Tips

Postby HawkGer » 17.05.2010, 12:11

In this forum you can present your finished mods. To seek support for an already started project rather go to the Projects & Beta forum

Here are some things you should include in your mod presentation:
  • URL to the mod (I can host it if necessary) + Filesize
  • A few pics that show some of the most important textures, or even a video
  • Description of the mod, for example you could talk about: The theme of the mod/atmospheric intention; Field of application on RPG tracks (i.e suited for open or closed tracks?, which scenery fits best?, which layout? ; Recommended mood-setting ; Special technical info on the mod
Hope to see some nice presentations here :)
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Postby pellaroby » 29.12.2011, 13:06

I have made my first 2 mods, but where do I upload them?
If some1 could help me....
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Postby popgun » 29.12.2011, 18:58

Upload the zip file to fileden or somewhere, then send a private message to Tabasco/Hawkger with the link. Then wait until they get around to adding it to the mod database. Mods will be in here:

Directory Listing of /Trackmania/
Loads of mods, loads of tracks. Look em up. :)
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