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Ideas for TM2 Objects

Requests and ideas for mods/objects/tracks/MT/screens etc.

Ideas for TM2 Objects

Postby silver » 03.05.2013, 15:40

Hey Crew,
My Name is silver and I've got some nice Ideas (fish also liked them) for Objects in TrackMania 2.
I saw Hawk_ger's Video with the Object and some guys told me of the Pack which some People want to
do with 400 Objects ! I've got a must Have Idea, which propably every 2nd People will love:

"It would be a nice thing if someone of the creators of the Pack could create such things. My idea would be to make StadiumCircuitBase Starts/Finishs/Checkpoints like ManiaPlanet already included in Canyon. Cause it was altime the problem that you can't place a Checkpoint on Level 1 and you always needed to mix down a StadiumPlatformCheckpoint into a StadiumCircuitBase (could mix directly but there was a fail with the ground, where you fall in the nowhere) or you need to build unflow transetion's to come to the bottom Level with a good Flow. Also, you got the same thing with the StadiumCircuitBase to StadiumRoadBlock and would be nice if those 4 things could be included..."

I don't know if it's possible, but it would be awesome and usefull for every kind of Style !
Peace silver 8)
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Postby eie » 03.05.2013, 16:08

RPG custom objects ideas thread We already had a thread for this.

About your ideas: It's not currently possible to create working checkpoints and finish lines using objects.

Although I didn't really understand, you can easily blockmix a PlatformCheckpoint to level 1, then place to grass below it, so you won't have a hole in the ground, if that's what you meant?
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Postby silver » 03.05.2013, 18:58

Okay, sry didn't found the correct thread :)
But Thank you anyways !

To the Point with the grass: But it sucks to mix it always... You need to make new version for TMUnlimiter and on this way you could place it easily ... ;)
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