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Need minecraft 3d models

PostPosted: 29.08.2011, 14:00
by simo_900

PostPosted: 29.08.2011, 15:25
by Promaxer
Lol, basicly if you dont get any results froms this forums just go to:
Minecraft Forum - News, Forums, Mods, and Texture Packs and ask for some models, someone should make some ;)

PostPosted: 29.08.2011, 18:03
by simo_900
Hmm.... But they work in tm?

PostPosted: 04.09.2011, 08:26
by simo_900
Ok, i have "MainBody.Solid.Gbx" but i don't can create other files. Tutorial?

PostPosted: 04.09.2011, 10:34
tuto in french, use google trad :s
MM2 France - Cr