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Annoyance Bay Beta

PostPosted: 06.01.2012, 17:07
by XT3

And here is another vid, but the quallty isnt high.

This video shows me driving on the edge in a bay car. It's one of the things you have to do.

I finnally posted a topic on it here after I made sucha long time ago. Though I am going to add to it soon so. Please tell me all what you think of it! :D

Check out my beta HERE!

I used the Myst. Music is Crwling Remix, I'll update the music llink later and i will upload a picture. This is the squell to Annoyance the Island RPG track.

All who wish to get credit as a beta test must do one of a few things to be a small time beta tester. 1. send me a comment on the track on here. 2. PM me about the track here. 3. Upload a replay 4. post a reply on the forum for this track. These will make you a small time Beta Tester if you don't go into detail about what you find is good about it or bad. Also your only a small time beta tester if you only do one of those things.

Beta Testers List:

Big Time Beta Testers:

Small Time:

UPDATE: This time I plan to add a story line to the track. Also I added MT to the track and expanded the lenght as well.

UPDATE2: Music : Crawling Remix. I added a story, is the text going by too fast? What do you think of the story plz tell me!

UPDATE3: I added more to the track and a bit more of a story line to it.

UPDATE4: More track added and MT

UPDATE5: More track added.

UPDATE6: another room added and it's near the end of the track, stioll alot of MT to add after that

UPDATGE7: The track is done. ONLY MT HAS TO BE ADDED!

Myst by Golo : [url=""]Myst Couldn't find it anywhere so i uploaded it here. I believe its on TMmod but that is down so ya i put a copy here.





PostPosted: 06.01.2012, 20:39
we do not see a lot

PostPosted: 06.01.2012, 21:45
by XT3
a good or a bad thing?

PostPosted: 06.01.2012, 22:03
by nom²

PostPosted: 06.01.2012, 22:05
by XT3
I'll take that as you like it

PostPosted: 06.01.2012, 22:37
mix enviro ! excellent :)
i need to try it :)