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Christmas Trial Day/Cup

Christmas Trial Day/Cup

Postby Tortugo » 23.11.2011, 18:18

Hi guys, i want to make a Christmas trial day. Because the Christmas are coming, i want to make a small present for Trackmania players.

DATE: 22.12.

Prices:1.St place 10000 CPP or golden tag
2.Nd place 5000 CPP or silver tag+2000CPP
3.Rdplace 3000 CPP or bronze tag+2000CPP

Thanks for: Big thanks for Beep. He sponzored me about server with many slots.
Thanks to Slayerko for cpp donate

Registration: Register with the report (login+player name)
Example: Login:-tortugo-
Player Name: Tortugo
register there http://www.trackmania-rpg.com/register-for-cup%C2%B4s.html

Map: I just let players to choose a map. Write your tip for a huntable trial map with tmx link

Example: Login:-tortugo-
Player Name: Tortugo
Register there http://www.trackmania-rpg.com/register-for-cup%C2%B4s.html
Map: Masochism (Track Info - TMX)

I will choose the most wanted map by players

Game Mod: TA (Time Attack) 24 hours for hunting

I can send special price for mapper who will build map for this cup (when the map will be cool) price is about 5000 CPP

I look forward for players on this cup

Merry Christmas, and enjoy the cup.

INFORMATION: I need to have over 30 players registered when it won't be cup won't be.

I have only 5 registered people so CUP IS CANCALLED sorry all.
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Player info

Postby HylleZ » 23.11.2011, 19:03

Register in another thread, regards Tabasco

I vote for the trial map [Trial] Darkness By Kouba

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Postby nom² » 23.11.2011, 19:50

will you participate?
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Postby Tabasco » 23.11.2011, 19:54

No register here, make new topic there please: http://www.trackmania-rpg.com/register-for-cup%C2%B4s.html
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Postby trunks_11 » 23.11.2011, 22:13

News for the next 4F week RPG 2 8)

Approximtive date : 20/12 for 2 week (08/01/2012)

It's not so good to make a 2nd cup into another, but it's your desicion^^
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Postby beep » 23.11.2011, 22:43

Just a little information next 4F week:
Start : 23/12 :)
4F clan
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Postby trunks_11 » 24.11.2011, 13:24

well, then everything works ^^ another question in the 4F topic then :D
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