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Multiple Soundtracks

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Multiple Soundtracks

Postby Igntul » 31.07.2010, 11:37

Hey ppl, today i want to show you a very usefull option of the Mt, wich is not much used but can create different atmospheres in one track. It consist of having a different soundtrack for every different zone of your map.
The only track i remember uses it is Montezuma's Treasure, with a soundtrack for the jungle, one for the bih height open part of the map, and one fot the closed parst such as the last Treasures hall.

Let's learn how to do that!

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Postby Tiji78 » 11.08.2010, 13:49

Thanks :)
-- 8o -- Tiji -- 8o --

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Postby Nyrbius » 11.08.2010, 15:45

I'll need this...
Nice tuto Ign...
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Postby Nunquam » 19.10.2010, 12:44

Thank you Ign for your help

I actually won't use it because everytime you respawn, the music is restarting from the beginning :(
But I hope it will help other people :thumbup:
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Re: Multiple Soundtracks

Postby oloG » 12.03.2016, 23:47

Is there a way to have multiple soundtracks that doesnt get inrerrupted when respawning?
I guess the answer is no but why not ask...
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Re: Multiple Soundtracks

Postby gugaruz » 13.03.2016, 17:06

hey golo, in tm2 it doesn't interrupt while respawning, if you put the triggers correctly :)
as i know it's not really possible in tm1 (but i am not sure anymore)
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Re: Multiple Soundtracks

Postby oloG » 13.03.2016, 22:46

yeah, I was referring to TMN. I know its possible in TM2 :) But couldnt find a solution for TM1
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