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TrackStudio block randomization feature

PostPosted: 26.06.2010, 14:44
by HawkGer
With the request from me Tossha has implemented a new feature in an unofficial new version of TrackStudio. The next official update of TrackStudio is probably going to come out in a month - which was too long for me. So thanks Tossha for providing this great update :)

The feature is very simple actually. It is now possible to randomize the xyz coordinates and the rotation of all selected blocks. It is also possible to select an area and randomize the blocks only into that area.

If you don't already have it, you need to download the latest version of TrackStudio, here: TrackStudio blog
Then download this new .exe and put it in the main TS folder:

Once ChallengeEdit and TrackStudio are started, here's what you have to do:
Load a track of your choice in TS and select the blocks you want to randomize (press invert selection to select all blocks).

Go into the "Area" tab and click on "Edit Current Area"

Now select the area in which you want to have your blocks randomized into. Press "F" when placing two cubicles to create one big area.
Having done that, click on the button "Randomize selected in current area"
Note: Do not place cubicles on the lowest level (z=0) will make the tracks unable to open.

This is the result. Just need to save the modifications now.


You probably already realized that this feature is very impractical for actual trackbuilding. But it should provide a great source for inspiration and could lead to many new exciting blockmix combinations :)

Here's one experiment of mine. Who can guess what this pic shows? :D

RPG!! Oh boy, who could have guessed ^^

The area selection in TS:

Of course this is also possible in other environments:

PostPosted: 26.06.2010, 15:04
by HawkGer
I uploaded a Base map with 30k coppers and already mixed blocks for people who are too lazy placing massive amounts of blocks...
Track Info - TMX
Track needs to be edited once ingame before it's possible to load it into TrackStudio.

PostPosted: 26.06.2010, 16:37
by MadeAnonymous
I'm waiting for the official release, as it will have some extra settings and hopefully not make the trackfiles unopenable ;)

PostPosted: 26.06.2010, 16:52
by tossha
Anonymous wrote:and hopefully not make the trackfiles unopenable
I've already fixed it in this version. StadiumWaterClip blocks caused this crash (and for other enviros - every last block in "blocks.dat" file).

Nice pics hawk!

PostPosted: 27.06.2010, 23:45
by HawkGer
Thx tossha :) Small note I forgot to mention for everyone who wants to try out this feature: Do not place cubicles on the lowest level (z=0) will make the tracks unable to open.

PostPosted: 28.06.2010, 00:04
by tossha
hawk actually i wanted you to edit your first post^^
i could write it here myself (:

PostPosted: 28.06.2010, 01:45
by HawkGer
I did that too...just thought most people wouldn't see my I made a new post too ;)

PostPosted: 28.06.2010, 15:32
by trunks_11
Little question: What brings this TS??

PostPosted: 28.06.2010, 16:06
by HawkGer
I never really used TS (except for the randomization feature), but I would say it's pretty useful for moving large amounts of blocks at once. They can be selected in an area, so moving a whole room can be done with a few clicks. Of course the visualization can also be handy, even though only few 3D models are implemented yet. For example when tempering with dirthills you would at least have an idea at which location the block is you are editing currently. 8)

PostPosted: 28.06.2010, 19:32
by trunks_11
Ok ty... but i think that i

PostPosted: 28.06.2010, 20:17
by Shortz
when TS will be released & those bugs are fixed, it will be very helpfull :)

PostPosted: 29.06.2010, 13:23
by trunks_11
An instruduction in german could help me :rolleyes: