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PostPosted: 02.08.2010, 12:25
by keso_rtv
LoLLoL crazy blockmix
EDIT: sometimes i hav ethis xD
that blue stays on track when i drive!! but after i finish it disapers....

PostPosted: 02.08.2010, 13:14
by eie
if you read my first post again, you will notice I already made a picture of this, and this is really the best exploitation in the editor to this date. when I first made this thread I thought it was utterly useless. turns out it isn't, and I might make a new guide which includes this bug in a day or two (when I'm back from vacation =)
blue is 'undefined' blocks which is created when you select a block which isn't one of those I mentioned in the first post. in this case I used a pipe, but you can use any block really ^^
to show more of what this bug can do I made some track teasers,like this one , but as I said, a guide will probably come soon ;)

PostPosted: 02.08.2010, 15:21
by Nyrbius
eie wrote: but as I said, a guide will probably come soon ;)

Waiting ^^

PostPosted: 08.08.2010, 08:19
by -|MfG|-Big Alâ„¢

PostPosted: 08.08.2010, 08:26
by eie
what? did you use CE? :p

PostPosted: 08.08.2010, 08:32
by -|MfG|-Big Alâ„¢
eie wrote:what? did you use CE? :p

hehe sure :D