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Hidden / Avoid the flickering

PostPosted: 06.08.2011, 17:54
by moi57
:beer: Hey :beer:

I did some pics situation for hidden and avoid the :assaultrifle: Flickerings :rocketlauncher:

Here > ImageShack Album - 8 images


PostPosted: 06.08.2011, 18:40
by Mario
Thanks =) will help alot at my actually beta :D

PostPosted: 06.08.2011, 23:28
by dose

PostPosted: 07.08.2011, 09:33
by Igntul
did you find that on cargo too? :p
nice tuto i hope it will help making less flickerings on new maaps :thumbsup:
remember to use TM Unlimiter to make tracks better, not quicker ;)

PostPosted: 07.08.2011, 09:46
by Niiel-Moo
Yaaay, I'm happy with this :)