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TrackStudio: the next generation

PostPosted: 14.10.2011, 20:47
by tossha
Hello guys.

I just want to let you know that i'm working on TrackStudio 2.0 which is much better than first one.

Pleace share your ideas and suggestions here on MX forums. You can also write here but all centralized information will be on MX in my first post.

Thank you :hail:

PostPosted: 14.10.2011, 21:43
by trunks_11
Aren't you going for an update for the nations/united ts?

PostPosted: 14.10.2011, 22:04
by tossha
I can't update it because my hard drive died and took TS sources^^

But TS 2 will have full support of TMForever.

PostPosted: 15.10.2011, 05:33
by Igntul
show clips (grass clips, water clips, bla bla) in the 3d view, if we are able to move them with TS there will be less ugly road mixes
mediatracker blockmixing?
overlapping trigger zones..

PostPosted: 15.10.2011, 11:15
by tossha
About mediatracker: i did some research and found out that overlapped triggers work very random. Of course there is a regularity but i don't think it can be useful. Only one trigger of two placed in same place will work.

About clips: i will explore this question.

PostPosted: 15.10.2011, 13:06
by trunks_11
It would be too awesome to make two mt clips on one place... but that just sounds too nice to work :D

PostPosted: 15.10.2011, 15:02
by HawkGer
Very cool that you are working on this. Would like to help you with 3d models (I'm sure there's a lot of them)....but don't have the time. Or maybe there is a faster way now in TM2 to extract 3d models?

PostPosted: 15.10.2011, 15:20
by tossha
I don't want models made in 3D Ripper + 3D max anymore. I will try to understand TM models format and then TS will use models directly from TM. I hope i'll be able to do this.

trunks, you can place two triggers in one block, but only one of them will work :)

PostPosted: 15.10.2011, 15:21
by eie
Kind of a stupid question, because I know programmers can't keep a deadline;
but when will it be finished? ^_^ (an approximate answer is OK for me, but is it two months or three years? :P)

And you could try to talk to NADEO and ask if they would let you use their models. Most likely they won't, but it wouldn't hurt trying? =)

Oh, and I'm glad you're making it possible to disable that 3d-mode, because my computer was always too laggy with that one :P

Other than that I wish you good luck, and thanks for your work! It's really appreciated =)

PostPosted: 16.10.2011, 18:06
by tossha
Well, i won't even try to talk to nadeo, i think they won't answer me anyway ^^

I can't tell anything about dates now. So, when it's done :)

PostPosted: 16.10.2011, 18:29
by HawkGer
Nadeo is very communicative with people who create content. At least I know that Florent always tries to answer. And it can't hurt to try to ask, does it? You might save hours of work by just asking ^^

PostPosted: 16.10.2011, 20:24
by Mario
Nadeo really answear to not-stupid questions! try to contact "Cerovan". He

PostPosted: 16.10.2011, 21:01
by eie
I'd still like to know if I have to wait months or years... but I can wait I hope xD

Now quit reading and go back to work ;)

PostPosted: 17.10.2011, 10:20
by tossha
OK guys, i'll contact nadeo :)

eie, it's more like two month than three years xD I think i'll releace a lite version without 3D first. It will be something like CE, but with multiselect and some more features. In few weeks i hope.

And, by the way, i'm just curious why do you wait for TS and not for TM2Unlimiter? Looks like people more interested about unlimiter...

PostPosted: 17.10.2011, 14:24
by Igntul
wait are we talking about a TM2 ts or a new TS for tmn?

PostPosted: 17.10.2011, 15:32
by Mario
Igntul wrote:wait are we talking about a TM2 ts or a new TS for tmn?
We are talking and u are not reading..^^ We are talking about an awesome tool for BOTH in ONCE! :D

PostPosted: 17.10.2011, 15:40
by trunks_11
I didn't get it too :D
i am fishy in reading older posts :D

PostPosted: 17.10.2011, 17:57
by tossha
Cmon guys, only two pages here :)

And i wanted to ask: do you know what Nadeo think of blockmixing? Do they approve it or like "Oh God, stupid hackers again! We hate them!" :D I've never wondered ^^

PostPosted: 17.10.2011, 18:57
by Mario
they already said that they blockmixed on their own in the alphastage of the game :D and anywhere they said that they love it when always things change ;)

PostPosted: 17.10.2011, 19:30
by HawkGer
yep, there was a mix function in the alpha stage of the game. I think it was scrapped because it was buggy. And when I talked to Florent online, he said that they like to see blockmixing integration in TM2. He also said that it might be possible with maniascript....
So yes they do approve of it :)

PostPosted: 18.10.2011, 19:28
by tossha
Well, they didn't answer in first day :)

PostPosted: 19.10.2011, 05:27
by Igntul
when i mailed them for lost TMU Key, i had to wait almost one week^^

PostPosted: 19.10.2011, 10:25
by tossha
I didn't mail, i wrote here: Maniaplanet Forum

PostPosted: 19.10.2011, 13:54
by Mario
I dont know if they answer u there. When the Support Forum opened they said, that this forum is only for the community = players help players.