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mpbc 0.1.1: custom block creation tool

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mpbc 0.1.1: custom block creation tool

Postby Mario » 18.04.2012, 15:50


i browse around on the Maniaplanet and saw this thread: klick

its an awesome tool which allows u to add custom blocks in combination with tm2unlimiter into TM2! :) I know TM2 Canyon RPG is dead and i dunno if this information will motivate someone to give it again a try, but i still think its a very nice tool and maybe for the next environments really cool :)

Just wanted to share this information cus i think TM RPG is one of the most creative communities in Trackmania ;)
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Postby trunks_11 » 20.04.2012, 22:31

thanks for the info.. but seems like the tm 2 rpg is really dead.. nobody is commenting this :huh:
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Postby Shortz » 21.04.2012, 05:03

What is this tm2, never heard about that game.
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Postby snellejasper » 21.04.2012, 12:37

TM2 is also known as TM canyon. I think TM2 is not really nice for RPG, but only for fs or tech or something.

But maybe I'll give it a try.
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Postby simo_900 » 21.04.2012, 15:40

If you make blocks itself the game is not trackmania. :(
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Postby N00BYZOR » 21.04.2012, 23:18

You can try to make all the stadium blocks and build TM RPG's in TM
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