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Rpg Round Race #8

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Rpg Round Race #8

Postby kilburn88 » 24.08.2015, 16:49

Hello Guys,

Time for another Roundrace on Saturday 5th September at 20.00 CEST.

Maps will be:
- "Mesmir" by eie played 3 times
- "Mission Polaire" by Yoshi played twice
- "Final Fantasy 2" by Manu played twice

Points will be added up each round.

The Race will be played on ZiZa's Pub² Rpg/Trial Server(login: zizaspub). Join us and have fun.

As always:
- no signup is needed, you can just join and race (even if you missed an earlier round or leave before all rounds are over)
- you can chat during race as much as you want, no chat silence required for a fun event
- enough overtime after first player finishes so people who arent familiar with the map can still finish
- people are also welcome to join and spec the race
- no drive or spectator passwords
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Re: Rpg Round Race #8

Postby kilburn88 » 03.09.2015, 13:01

Updated the link to gugaruz´s map to final version now
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Re: Rpg Round Race #8

Postby gugaruz » 04.09.2015, 00:28

Hey kil, my map doesn't work on the server, i tried several changes of the map, but it doesn't help. so i guess, you can delete my map from the pool
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Re: Rpg Round Race #8

Postby kilburn88 » 05.09.2015, 11:53

Due to problems with gugaruz´s map we had to replace it with another one. Since it´s the short map, it shouldn´t be too big of a deal and we will also have some warmup on it before. See you this evening guys!
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Re: Rpg Round Race #8

Postby Palteza » 07.09.2015, 11:25

Hey guys :D

It was much fun to drive those rounds with you RPG guys, even if I missed the 2nd map.
I'm an occasional RPG player, always chiling on your great maps. You deserve more players with all that passion you put into the mode. But well, having a small community also make sure you have a quality community 8)

Concerning those kind of events, I'll give my feeling.
It's a good way to promote RPG title pack (i never found these title packs very great for the game, it's splitting our too small community ... but here they are, it allowed you to create a great world, RPG is maybe the best use of these tittle packs, let's work with it).
As someone said during the evening, it brings some new people on the serv because the server must be in 1st page of top servers.
Based on that, you should adapt the maps played.
When i saw the length of the maps which would be played, I nearly found the force to train them (train = just to remember the good way to finish :mrgreen: ). You can imagine a new player discovering those maps will be afraid.
Maybe shorter maps (so either more rounds played, or more maps played) would be better so that they can finish maps and wanna stay on the server.
The difficulty was not too high, that was good (maybe Mission Polaire was a bit hard ... but the 2 others were quite easy, so that's a good balance).

I know most of "real" RPG players like long maps (I too) but maybe finding a good balance would be better to attract people.

An other point, you should really post a news on the homepage of Trackmania to promote those events. Just create a RPG channel if it's not already done, prepare a news one week before and ask Alinoa (and Cerovan) via maniaplanet forum (in PM) to be published on the homepage. That would be a nice help for the events.
And maybe try to propose those events more frequently ... but well it concerns your free time, not mine :mrgreen:
Maybe it was the case, I can't remember, but you should also announce these cups on the server with automatic messages some days before.

However these events happen, I always keep an eye on them 8)

Thanks for the fun :)
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Re: Rpg Round Race #8

Postby HawkGer » 09.09.2015, 03:59

I'm not really involved in these races anymore (impossible for me to attend) but it is really great reading comments like that Palteza. It shows that some people still care. Just wanted to mention that. Thanks man :hehe:
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Re: Rpg Round Race #8

Postby kilburn88 » 09.09.2015, 16:14

Thanks for the feedback Palteza

Normally we try to do this event quite frequently (also Rpg Nightcup) but had a small break from time to time due to me hosting the event (Roundraces) only (mostly motivational issues). Concerning your pov about maps chosen/map length i tried to stick close to the original Roundraces from Tmnf with 1 longer/harder map and easier shorter ones but i can see your point considering new players trying only the hard/long map.

Also a good point to mention the promoting side since i didnt know about News on Maniaplanet, usually i posted news here/Tm Calendar/Fb News and ingame. Maybe that will get some more players into it

Hope to see you soon for next event then :)
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