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Titlepack broken with MP4

PostPosted: 06.06.2017, 10:43
by Promaxer
so maniaplanet 4 has been out for approximately 1 month, and it seems to have changed alot of titlepacks.
i've noticed no servers show up on the server browser, main menu often has scripting issues and some textures seem to have been modified/renamed where mods no longer have an impact on them ( example : the dirt hills seem to default to the default texture)

i have been pretty much out of the scene for a while and maniaplanet 4 sparked my interest again, anyone could explain to me whats going on with the titlepack, is it getting fixed?

Re: Titlepack broken with MP4

PostPosted: 09.06.2017, 14:27
by Xerox
As you can see, RPG Forum is not too active, RPG Discord is more active, where you can ask and have more options of receiving an answer. You can join the group by following this link:

About the RPG TP: Skyslide is working on it, along with maxi031 as far as I know, they probably can give a more detailed answer if you talk to them in discord, or mention them there :)

Re: Titlepack broken with MP4

PostPosted: 10.06.2017, 19:41
by Promaxer
thanks a bunch, didnt knew that discord existed :D

Re: Titlepack broken with MP4

PostPosted: 30.06.2017, 15:15
by HawkGer
Hey titlepack fans,

I havent looked into this forum in a long time. I only come back once in a while to check out if there is anything new happening in the RPG community. That is why I was very surprised to see that the Titlepack has been practically offline for two months now. It is a sad state for the titlepack. I am really sorry for all the people that have to keep waiting and for server hosters that pay their servers for nothing. I heard that maxi and skyslide are working on the there is hoping that it will come out eventually. I am really grateful for anyone that helps on the update and the titlepack in general. I myself cannot really help since I left my home country two years ago, leaving my PC behind. With only a tablet to work with (which since broke) I havent had any hardware that even runs ManiaPlanet. I am writing this on my phone from Chile btw. :hehe:

Anyway, I hope you guys stay patient and dont abandon the titlepack forever. None of us would like to see that. And I hope the update is coming out soon :D

Re: Titlepack broken with MP4

PostPosted: 06.07.2017, 12:32
by JuliusOctopus
Hey welcome back HawkGer. Been a long time :O