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Battleplate Mod

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Battleplate Mod

Postby popgun » 30.08.2013, 19:40

BattlePlate Mod

Here's my final mod!

I'd been playing with this mod for a couple of years and using it as a tester mod for some of my later tracks, before making track specific mods. However, I tweaked it recently and added a lot of transparency. Now I think it's pretty good.

I'm going to use it for my next, and last, track (the one in the pics). If you beat me to using it, ah well, so what!





Loads of mods, loads of tracks. Look em up. :)
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Postby XT3 » 30.08.2013, 23:30

looks very cool
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Postby fleshback » 31.08.2013, 02:05

thanks for this wonderful set !
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