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ESL RPG Nightcup #12

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ESL RPG Nightcup #12

Postby TheSuperNoob » 23.11.2015, 20:37


Hey guys! Its time for another ESL Nightcup! We're back now with the 12th edition of the esl Nightcup.
The Cup will be held on Saturday the 28th November on Erizel's map: 'Atymos'.

Everything you need to do is to sign up at the esl site for this cup and join us on the server :)

Quickrules, Brackets, Sign up Link, Players and every important info can be found here: TM2 Stadium RPG Nightcup

The mode will be the same as always; we start with 30 minutes Time Attack and the best 50% will drive against each other in knockout! In the knockout the last 2 players will get kicked out each round until we reach TOP 4 or 5, then the last player will get knocked out each round untill we have a winner.

This cup in short:

Date: Saturday, 28th November
Time: 19:00 CET
Sign-up till: 17:00 CET
3 Rounds: everyone (1) - best 50% (2) - TOP 4 (3)
Mode: Time Attack, 30 minutes - Rounds Knockout last two players - Rounds Knockout
More information

So what are you waiting for, sign up! :)
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Re: ESL RPG Nightcup #12

Postby nom² » 23.11.2015, 21:39

I'm definitly looking forward to this.
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Re: ESL RPG Nightcup #12

Postby Palteza » 24.11.2015, 08:16

This cup is not added in the maniacalendar, you should really (click contribute, post and wait our approval) : http://maniacalendar.com/calendar/trackmania

On this point, we are searching a new autonomous manager for the RPG part. The mission is more than adding by yourself the competitions on the calendar, but to promote it to the organizers so that they can add themself their own competition on it (even if I know RPG community is a small one). But it's the true power of the calendar.
Let me know if someone is interested.

edit : i added this cup on the calendar but we are still looking for a rpg manager for the future
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