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Milkyway RPG Cup

Milkyway RPG Cup

Postby Chocolleight » 25.02.2017, 00:56

Hello everyone,

I am happy to finally present the official post of the incoming « Milkyway RPG Cup ».
I know i already made a post before about it but i prefer create a new one that everything is clear for everyone.
So ! Let’s get started !:


Dates :
The cup is gonna start on Monday 13th March on a server dedicated to it called :
It should be 8 weeks long, so the semi-final and the final should take place on Saturday 6th may (be sure you are free this date !).

Here is the calendar of the cup :
Week 1 (13/03 to 19/03): Skyslide - Nadeo’ica
Week 2 (20/03 to 26/03): Eternity - Stay Classic
Week 3 (27/03 to 02/04): Sorrow - Castle of Sorrow
Week 4 (03/04 to 09/04): AlexOoR - Umut Kara
Week 5 (10/04 to 16/04): Floxe - Ak’cherY’a
Week 6 (17/04 to 23/04): Exeqo - Colored eyes
Week 7 (24/04 to 30/04): Skyslide - Only a wooden leg remained
Week 8 (01/05 to 06/05): Reminding time -> semi-final / final on Sunday afternoon
(Week = Monday 00:00 to Sunday 00:00)

Rules :
Mappack contain 7 maps.
Each map will get hunted one week long.
Cuts are allowed !
The 3 first records at the end of each map will be qualified for the semi-final at the end of the cup (Semi-final final should be played by 21 players).
Of course, players already qualified doesn't count anymore in next maps qualifications.
Last week will be dedicated of the reminding of all maps
The last sunday, the semi final takes place on 3 maps of the mappack. It works in normal cup format. Half of qualified players will be eliminated at the end.
Follow the final (10 players) in the same format than the semi-final but with finalist mode, on the 4 last maps.

Cashprize :
1st : 50 000 planets
2nd :30 000 planets
3rd :15 000 planets
1st TA each map : 1 000 planets per map
Best map : 1 tag ( best map will be chosen by players last week by a strawpoll )

If you guys have questions you can join rpg titlepack discord and ask.... or just answer this post :p

Good luck everyone and have fun !
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Re: Milkyway RPG Cup

Postby sorrowcroatia » 25.02.2017, 16:48

Ayayay, finally :hehe: :hehe: :hehe: :hehe:
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Re: Milkyway RPG Cup

Postby kingracing28 » 26.11.2017, 09:32

Could you send me the soundtracks which are played on the server?
Thank you in advance!
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