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Advanced mixing with landscape blocks

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Advanced mixing with landscape blocks

Postby GSNPaul » 17.06.2010, 12:23

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Postby GSNPaul » 17.06.2010, 12:24

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Postby dope! » 17.06.2010, 12:54

Great Tutorial ;)
I learned that Method about 2 Months ago, and the first Thing i did was to create a Track which contains the 14 dirthill Variations.
I think this will be very helpful for a lot of builders, as your drawing is just 2D and in the track you can watch it in 3D :D
You can Download it here: Track Info - TMX
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Postby HawkGer » 17.06.2010, 14:39

wow that's a brilliant guide! So much knowledge and wisdom in it :) I had no clue just how many variations I missed in my tutorial which you mentioned. Let's hope this gives some people the motivation to advance their bm-skills and create fascinating dirt-landscapes :D
If you don't mind, I added your tut to this article: Trackmania RPG blog: New Mapping Technology + Blockmixing Tutorials
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Postby heartX » 17.06.2010, 17:39


I will use my new knowledge in contest ;).
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Postby Guest » 17.06.2010, 18:36

thanks man!

the chart over the different variations for dirthill really helps!

awesome tutorial ;D

Postby Shortz » 17.06.2010, 21:03

very usefull :)
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Postby trunks_11 » 18.06.2010, 15:48

Yes it
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Postby Nyrbius » 18.07.2010, 18:10

Fantastic! This tuto really helped me... 5* ;)
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Postby zzzyzygy » 03.06.2012, 15:46

Thanks, that's a very helpful diagram.

Just to complete the list, there are three variations of the ridge block #11. These are 75, 139 and 203. They can be used anywhere that 11 can, but they add bumps and dips to the top of the ridge that give visual variety to the finished landscape.
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Postby XT3 » 04.06.2012, 19:05

no coast it works the sdame with the other envirments different but i think coast has simualar blocks
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Postby N00BYZOR » 04.06.2012, 19:36

Great useful tutorial.
I hope to see more dirt hills in new RPG's now ^^.

I just want to correct something:

"You cannot build any blocks under your created landscape parts. If you have to, you have to move them there in CE. In general it is helpful to always build from the bottom of the track upwards. "

That's not true.
You can do it by switching to underground mode ;)
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Postby GSNPaul » 04.06.2012, 23:42

I guess that this only holds when you are using Unlimiter. Note that this tutorial was written several months before Unlimiter was released. If I recall correctly, enabling underground mode in the normal game (without Unlimiter) would only allow you to position your cursor below elevated terrain, but not to actually place blocks there.

Glad you liked the tutorial though. ;)
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Postby N00BYZOR » 05.06.2012, 13:10

Ah yes indeed, it's possible only with unlimiter.
I didn't notice that because I always build with unlimiter on ^^ sorry
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Postby holzbalken » 17.04.2013, 18:00

This really should be sticky. There's quite not alot I would add to what you said - still so many people do (or can) not properly dirtmix. Guess either people are too lazy or, probably more likely, this tutorial is too well hidden... :P

For me, too, it would've saved a real lot of time, compared to working everything out myself - tho, of course, that probably made me a lot more secure concerning variations than I would've been with the tutorial. :D
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