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one time Triggers

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one time Triggers

Postby XT3 » 08.05.2012, 19:48

guess what? There is a way to create triggers that only play once. :thumbup: So poeple who dont want sounds to play more than once and make that happen.

Its realy easy to do. it just takes aa few VERY simple steps.

to make this easy create a new track.

1.Then place and start, checkpoint and a finish any on the ground then valindate it.

2.open mediatrack and create a new trigger labeled 0 thats on the checkpoint

3. now create a text in the trigger that says Test

4. now click on conditions and set it so the event will only trigger if trigger 0 has not been activated.

Now test it by driving through the checkpoint to trigger our event. After it appears respwan. Once you do the trigger well nolonger activate.

Text only tutorials are annoying but this works. ^^ So now we can have tracks with skipable stories with more ease hopefully. and though who only want a event to happen once and now do that. No more restarting sound FX.
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