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[RPG] Operation BlackReach

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[RPG] Operation BlackReach

Postby Holy_Neon » 21.11.2016, 21:47

Hi everybody !

I took a break to trackmania for a long time,now I'm back and I want to decorate it with this map.
I listened to a lot of songs on this project and I expected the inspiration to come.

And after a long work, I could finally finish but it was worth it ! :mrgreen: 8)
Anyway, let it information for this map;

The map story;
This dreary place where many research teams are assigned,under the influence of an unknown power.
There is not much information about this place because the research team didn't return..
The task that the Special Mission Team gives you is to find the source..
But is this a suicide mission? Or is it the first step for a big technology?
Try and learn !

Map link: :idea: :idea:
:arrow: :arrow: https://tmnforever.tm-exchange.com/main ... 58198#auto

Some Informations:

Blocks : 14.463
Author Time : 12:41.00
Build Time (and mediatracker) : 2 week
Style : Rpg
Difficulty : Expert
Mod : Pilgrim Mod By Popgun









I hope enjoy this map ! By all and have fun !
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Re: [RPG] Operation BlackReach

Postby JuliusOctopus » 22.11.2016, 19:35

Look nice ! Have to try it ;)
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