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Group together to work on the same project and get help with unfinished creations

READ FIRST: Info & Exchange Central

Postby HawkGer » 17.05.2010, 12:56

In his forum you get the chance to present your unfinished projects to seek feedback annd maybe even get people to collaborate with you. Projects can not only mean track-projects but also mods, videos etc. It would be a great way for example for someone who is stuck on his track without further ideas to finish it by getting help from a second person who builds up from his existing parts with new perspectives.
Also, in this thread you can post an idea for a project which you haven't started with to see if you find like-minded people that want to collaborate with you from the start..

So in short:
  • Get feedback on not already finished projects
  • Find people who collaborate with you on a project
  • Propose completely new projects in this thread
When seeking feedback on beta tracks, please make sure to give out enough information so that people can efficiently test the track.
Tip: Upload your beta files (tracks, mods etc.) in this forum's DataBase for easier access
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